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The Startup Business Success Plan

An advanced social marketing and advertising platform combined with cooperative community support and discount hosting packages
has allowed us to create the perfect success plan for any startup business, small bussiness, or professional do it yourself marketer.

About us

We are a legal cooperative identity

We are proud to say we of one of the few internet based marketing cooperatives that is US registered and internationally regonized. Our Artices of Incorporation and our Member Bylaws have been registered in Littleton Colorado, USA. We are both a member owned and a worker owned cooperative. Simply joining as a free member makes you part owner of Marketers Cooperative and gives equal voting rights with all other members.

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Your Board

Marketers Cooperative Board Members

Bruce Bates

As the President and Founder of Marketers Cooperative it is Bruce's job to ensure Board Members understand their tasks and positions, to ensure the website operates as expected, and to make partnerships and business deals to ensure the success of Marketers Cooperative.

Amy Iannone

Amy is the Secretary of Marketers Cooperative and her job is record keeping. This includes but is not limited to ensuring meeting minutes are taken at all board meetings. Amy also acts as the go to person to have member meetings set up to discuss topics relating to Marketers Cooperative.

Jim Smith

It's important as a marketing cooperative for the members to personally interact with the board and thats why Jim is the Director of User Interaction. Jim's tasks are to comment on user content and otherwise interact with users, to ensure quality content and remove offensive content, and to engage and moderate on the forums.

Tore Eikeland

Marketers Cooperative Director of Committees is Tore. It is Tore's job to act as the Human Resource Department for committees. This means it is his job to decides who is and is not on committees as well as to ensure committee members are performing tasks to Marketers Cooperative standards.

John Carey

John's job as Vice President of Marketer's Cooperative is to ensure weekly backups of the cooperative website and databases as well as to help ensure website functionality is maintained. John is also emergency go to person in the event something should happen to the president.

Carly Brajnik

Your Director of Educational Materials is Carly. It is Carly's job to ensure non video based howto's and walk-throughs exist to help members understand how to use the website features of the marketers cooperative and to otherwise assist with the creation of educational documentation as required.

Chris Peeters

Chris is an absolute genuis as our Director of Video Productions. His job is to ensure all our video creation needs are met - be it video intro's for our recorded webinars, educational howto's, advertising commercials or marketing on The Entreprenuer Power Hour which he is also Co-Owner of.

The Services

Look what we can do for you

Marketing Platform

We offer the most advanced marketing platform online. Simply use it as you would any social network to upload your images, videos, podcasts, files, or write posts. Every piece of content you share, turns into a lifetime advertisement shared across various social networks and websites.

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Hosting Solution

Our hosting solution is the first solution created by partnering with industry hosting leaders to combine the highest quality webhosting, webinar hosting, and auto responder hosting into one cost effective solution created specifically for startup businesses and small internet marketers.

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Tracking Platform

Our tracking solution has not yet launched, however this is a solution that is to combine all of the various aspects of tracking your website and advertising. This package is to include social monitor, tracking and suggestions, link tracking, website visitor tracking, and other various campaign tracking tools and services.

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Membership Fees

Affordable Cooperative based Pricing


$25 / mo

  • Unlock the social platform
  • Access unimited lifetime advertising
  • Earn 5% quarterly with all paying members.
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$50 / mo

  • Unlock the beginner membership
  • Access the business hosting solution
  • Earn 5% quarterly with all paying members
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$100 / mo

  • Unlock beginner & intermediate membership
  • Access Cooperative Business Tracking Platform
  • Earn 5% quarterly with all paying members
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Our Amazing Partnerships


StartMeeting® is the webinar hosting service offered with our intermediate and advanced memberships. This third party service is offered via a partnership with For Business. Our partnership allows members to host webinars with up to 1000 voice attendee's and 50 screenshare attendee's. If we can get enough members we currently have a deal worked out that will allow 1000 screenshare attendees!

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Entrepreneur Power Hour

The Entrepreneur Power Hour is a weekly video series sponsored by Marketers Cooperative and brought to you by Chris Peeters & Kareem Maize. Each week The Entrepreneur Power Hour hosts a free live web event that either features panel based discussion or a personal interview with various marketers, business owners, and otherwise successful people.

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The Downliner

. The downliner is owned by the marketer's cooperative vice president, John Carey. It is a very unique type of advertising cooperative site. The servicea offered through our partnership with The Downliner allow us free unlimited advertising for the Marketers Cooperative site, it's webinars and events, and it's newspaper service. Our members are welcome and encouraged to join this site for themselves.

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ADSactly Hits

Adsactly Hits is a crypto rewards marketing platform. Members purchase advertising and marketing services on the adsactly hits network and earn crypto-currency rewards for making those purchases as well as for performing various marketing tasks. Our partnership with ADSactly Hits allows our memberships and select store services to be sold on their network where their members earn rewards for making purchases from us.

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